Looking To The Future

We're all looking forward to something in the future

Everyone’s looking forward to something different when we’re out and about again. For some people it’s a holiday with their kids or that first hug from Mum. For others it’s a simple as a Sunday roast and a drink with pals. There’s a part of me that even misses the Tube…

With a bit of extra time for reflection, it’s nice to look to the future and start putting those spare £s aside for those big (and small) goals we’ve had our eyes on and there are some easy ways to get started.

We’ve outlined our top 5 for you here.

1. Try out Tandem’s Autosavings rules in the app as an easy way to save little and often. ‘Round-ups’ will round up any purchases to the nearest pound, with the extra going into an interest-bearing savings account. The unique ‘Safe to Save’ rule uses machine learning to calculate how much you can safely save based on your incomings and outgoings and moves that amount over to the same savings account. In addition, there is also the ‘Weekly Deposit’ feature where you can decide a set amount to save each week.

2. Put aside the money you would use to travel into work each day. A lot of us are working from home and therefore not spending the money we would normally use to commute. Total it up and put it aside.

3. Do the same for any of those daily spends that are on pause. Coffees, snacks and meals out are on hold so why not work out a weekly average and set up a ‘weekly deposit’ in app?

4. Switch suppliers. If you find yourself with a little extra time on your hands at the weekend, then spend some time checking out the latest supplier deals to save some extra monthly cash.

5. Cancel direct debits or request a hold. Run through your subscriptions and see if there are any you no longer need or can request a hold on for the time being. They soon add up.

Our customers are saving simply and easily every week using one, two or all three of the Autosavings rules. Give them a shot yourself if you aren’t already and let us know how much you save.

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