Tandem Cats: Tom Gold

Meet the Scrum Master: Tom Gold

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You might be familiar with one of the most successful animated series from the ’80s: ThunderCats. Their mission was to flee their home world to find the legendary mystic Sword of Omens that holds the Eye of Thundera, the source of their power.

We believe everyone has a superpower, so we’ve been inspired by the ThunderCats to create the Tandem-Cats, a blog series dedicated to telling the story behind each of our team members, shedding light on Tandem’s talents’ expertise.

Every week we get together at Marketing Press corner to interview one of our nominated team members, where we find out about their superpower and how they work their magic on a daily basis at Tandem HQ.

Meet the Scrum Master: Tom Gold

tandem bank scrum master tom gold

Marie: What led you to become a Scrum Master at Tandem?

Tom: Working as a scrum master for big corporations, I realised I couldn't do much in terms of changing how the company operates, so I thought I could make an impact in a smaller company. Tandem specifically, its mission of helping people stuck out. Everyone is so passionate about helping customers with financial problems and that resonates with what I want to do.

Marie: What are the main challenges and pain points you overcome daily here at Tandem?

Tom: It's not my job to deliver anything. It is my job to support others to get the best outcome out of what they're doing. It’s about having conversations. Sometimes people are more resistant to change, but when you finally start breaking barriers and reaching milestones, it is really rewarding.

Marie: Who's your tech hero?

Tom: Jeff Bezos. I recently saw a video of him saying whatever he does; he won't sacrifice the customer experience. The thing about (Amazon) is that they always stayed true to deliver customer satisfaction and value, and that's what makes us all win. Coming from a large company, sometimes it felt like people were very focused on margins. Bezos has a refreshing point of view:

If you solve the customer problems in a sustainable way you get what you want, you don't have to go after pennies.

Marie: Tell me a bit about your work, what makes your expertise unique?

Tom: Funnily enough, I don't think my role is that unique. It’s more about being good when dealing with people, anyone can do the role I do at its core. The reason we exist is because people are so focused on finishing tasks that they don't have time to take a breath and improve things because they are being told they have to deliver A, B, C and D. My expertise is to break down this experience, work with the team in order to help with understanding what they’re doing, what are the main struggles and how to operate changes.

Marie: What's the most crucial difference between Traditional banking and Tandem?

Tom: Speed in which we can react. We all have a pretty good understanding of what we think people want; we win by the speed we can get that to market. Products in the hand of the customers give us the data we need to operate change throughout the day.

Marie: What's your favourite product or service in Tandem?

Tom: Autosavings, at its core, is trying to solve a problem. We've got people who struggled to save, and now they're saying that they are able to save, that's cool to see.

Marie: How would you define the company culture?

Tom: I guess the first word that comes to my mind is ‘playful’. Tandem tone is aligned with not taking itself too seriously, it’s very unusual to see a company of this size still feel almost like a family, the work environment it's very relaxed. I enjoy working here.

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