Tandem Culture Club introduces workstreams

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion, Tandem Traditions, and Wellbeing in the workplace.

At Tandem, we have a forum called Culture Club, which comprises of teammates from all corners of the business and aims to nurture, celebrate, and improve the culture here at Tandem.

Following an all-employee survey, we identified three key initiatives for Culture Club to focus on which are Diversity & Inclusion, Tandem Traditions, Wellbeing.

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Hey, I’m Imah and I’m an IT apprentice at Tandem. I’ve been at Tandem for 12 incredible months now. I really wanted to actively contribute, so I volunteered to take the lead on Wellbeing. Therefore, alongside my day to day tasks, which consist of being an IT wiz, a Mario Kart champ, and I am now the Chief Wellbeing Officer!

We’ve since developed a Tandem Workplace Wellness strategy which is now being implemented to promote the physical, mental, and emotional health and Wellbeing of our team.

In addition to drawing the team’s attention to the topic with annual events like World Mental Health Day, we want to ensure our team engages in conversations throughout the year and is supported by inclusive and accessible programs and initiatives.

That’s why we have been promoting a number of activities which everyone can take part in such as Mindful Walks, Yoga, Guided Meditation, Team runs, Bake Sales to raise money for the charity CALM, Arts and crafts social and an external speaker from RHS to speak on coping mechanisms. Looking forward, we’ve got a ton of new ideas to ensure Tandem remains an amazing and positive place to work.

In an increasingly complex and demanding world where the pressures on each of us continue to grow, we are committed to doing all we can to build awareness and understanding of all aspects of Wellbeing here at Tandem and supporting our employees to live and work happily and healthily.

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