Products for Maturing Customers

Products available only to customers whose savings accounts are about to mature. Please refer to the letter we sent you about your maturing product to apply.

Product Documentation
1 Year Fixed Rate Savings Account
2 Year Fixed Rate Savings Account
3 Year Fixed Rate Savings Account
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FSCS Information
Eligible deposits that you hold with Tandem are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme ("FSCS"), the UK's deposit protection scheme. The total value eligible for protection as at the date of this document is £85,000. This limit applies to each individual and to the total of any deposit balances you have (across all account types) with Tandem Bank Limited. Any deposits that you hold which exceed this figure are not covered by the scheme. Most depositors - including most individuals, companies and small local authorities (such as parish councils) - are covered by the scheme. Larger companies are generally excluded.
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